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Dear Greg & Karen 
I just want to tell you thank you for all you have done for Ken and I over the the past few months. You not only built a lovely home for us but you inspired us. We are feeling a little old being in our mid and late seventies and our schedule only allowed a few months for us to move somewhere. I am sure it was a challenge to work with us.  We needed a little extra help and we are really picky! You and Greg are the perfect team! You were a God send for Ken and I. I actually have not met and worked with two people who are so organized and professional. We could always count on what you said. You always followed through.  Even though we were demanding and ask for many exceptions you always accommodated us with a smile. I was surprised at how talented you both are and skilled & knowledgeable in design and so many areas. It was so nice to feel safe enough to let someone else just take care of everything for us.  It really has been a comfort and a pleasure to work with both of you, especially in such a difficult year of rising cost and Covid fears. So in summary, thank you for a lovely, adorable and well constructed home just the way we wanted it and for all the patience and support you showed to us  every step of the way in its construction and design. Yall are truly the best!


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"I recently found myself in the position of having to find a home in 4 months or less. I work in the field of HVAC service and HVAC new home construction and I had a general idea of the issues in the marketplace right now, I realized after searching for homes just how difficult it would be. I have access to hundreds of new construction homes so I see the positive and negative aspects on a day to day basis between different homes and quality of construction and just the aspect of being comfortable with the builder. When I walked one of RCHs homes I was impressed right off the bat-this is not some cheap spec home. I liked Greg and Karen from the start and knew up front I was rolling the dice on getting a house completed in a short period of time, but I knew this house was what I wanted and they said they would do everything they could to make it happen. And they did! I know this has been a very stressful journey for them and my family too, but I want to say this on a professional and personal level-Absolute best people I have had the pleasure to work with, Karen's taste is amazing and I trusted her on every aspect and I have a beautiful home, Greg answered every single phone call and text and there were times where I just thought man we can't make this.. but he got it done. His response time with contractors is immediate and he updated me throughout the whole process. All I can say is through rain and material shortages and all other problems Greg and Karen put everything else on hold to help me in the scenario I was in and not many people or companies or builders will do that. Thank you both so much"!


“Thank you for the nice gift basket to welcome us to our new home! It was a pleasant surprise and it was full of so much fun stuff - we enjoyed the snacks and the fern is gorgeous! It seriously was great working with you both. We truly appreciate all that you have done by putting us at ease with all of our random questions and always returning our calls in a timely manner. The house is now "our home" and we are loving it! We wish you continued success in make more people happy in their new homes. Our sincerest gratitude."


"If you want a no excuses builder mentality then these are the people you want. Having other new Construction sites under contract and this is the one that handles their business well! Their construction and style is something you will find affordable and desirable. Giving you great views and natural Texas landscape!  Excellent!!!!!" 


"With both of our sons having relocated back to Texas we were wanting to get moved back also. Had been looking at different properties and builders for about a year and a half, had not found what we were looking for. Stumbled across River Cliff Homes, met Karen and Greg and things took off from there. They built us a beautiful home in Fischer, TX and made it a very smooth process considering we were in MN. The best reasons for working with them is they truly care about their product and always get back to you promptly when you have questions or concerns. They are good people, can’t thank them enough!"


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