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The Perfect Building Team...

Some kind words from our buyers whom we closed in July.

Dear Greg & Karen;

I just want to tell you thank you for all you have done for Ken and I over the the past few months. You not only built a lovely home for us but you inspired us. We are feeling a little old being in our mid and late seventies and our schedule only allowed a few months for us to move somewhere. I am sure it was a challenge to work with us. We needed a little extra help and we are really picky!

You and Greg are the perfect team! You were a God send for Ken and I. I actually have not met and worked with two people who are so organized and professional. We could always count

on what you said. You always followed through. Even though we were demanding and ask for many exceptions you always accommodated us with a smile. I was surprised at how talented you both are and skilled & knowledgeable in design and so many areas.

It was so nice to feel safe enough to let someone else just take care of everything for us. It really has been a comfort and a pleasure to work with both of you, especially in such a difficult year of rising cost and Covid fears.

So in summary, thank you for a lovely, adorable and well constructed home just the way we wanted it and for all the patience and support you showed to us every step of the way in its construction and design.

Ya'll are truly the best!

Ken & Jonna Murchison

When you want to work with a builder who is a comfort and pleasure to work with then give us a shout via chat, email or phone 210.693.1565

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