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RCH Makes Families Happy!

What a busy weekend for River Cliff Homes making three families happy being close to each other in Fischer and Canyon Lake.

Two sisters who grew up together on a street with a cul-de-sac are now able to fulfill a lifelong dream to replicate that childhood and raised their kids together with a build on demand home that is going to be built

directly across the street from her sister in a cul-de-sac in Fischer. How exciting for these sisters to raise their families together.

Grandparents who wanted to live close to their grandson were able to fulfill that dream this weekend when the grandparents purchased 1171 Heritage Hill build while their adult son purchased 1250 Heritage Hill build. Now, these two families can live in close proximity together and create new memories together. How perfect!

Considering a move closer to your family? Now is the time! With the shortage of home inventory in our area building is the next best thing to new home ownership and we make it so simple with our build on demand building system.

Check it out and give us shout. Website chat, text/call 210.693.1565 or email

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