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Plodding Forward Through Building Challenges


While building has been challenging during the second quarter with price increases, scheduling delays, incomplete material deliveries and rain upon rain for days in a row we've been blessed to have some successes in between the rain clouds. We met our contract date and our very happy buyer, Jody, was able to close and move in on time! Woohoo! Congratulations Jody on your new three bedroom Liberty home in Canyon Lake.



The first week of June, with a break in the weather, allowed us to get our next pre-sold foundations poured and constructed at Summit Estates at Fischer

Both are four bedroom Liberty plans and have been held up with endless rain delays as well but we are working diligently in between breaks of rain to move forward.

Patriotic Drive

Let's Roll



Framing is moving along s-l-o-w-l-y on these two new four bedroom Liberty plans at Eagle Lane and Stars & Stripes in The Summit Estates at Fischer. Weather delays, incomplete lumber and window deliveries have delayed construction progress exponentially. Looking forward to getting dried in so we can get back to our normal construction schedule. Fingers crossed!

Eagle Lane

Stars & Stripes


New Contracts To Build

The second quarter delivered two sets of out of state buyers seeking Texas freedoms to the Fischer area.

The buyer for this lot on Let's Roll is moving from North Carolina to be closer to her sister who we built a house for two years ago. She has chosen the Patriot GG plan and we are looking forward to starting construction next week.

Lot clearing will begin next week on our Dormie plan for our Vietnam Veteran and his son, George, who have come back to Texas to live from Nevada. Thank you Mr. Honse for your service and sacrifice! We look forward to building your new home.

Let's Roll

FM 32

Business has been brisk but with building delays caused from Covid-19, the Texas freeze and rainy weather it has been challenging to say the least.

We are hopeful that with sunny days ahead the building pace will begin to pick up again!

We have two lots still available to build! One acre at FM 32 and a three acre tract at 156 Gladiola in Mystic Shores.

Contact us via chat, email or phone 210.693.1565.

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