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New Pour - Kind Words

This new pour has come after days of rain, days to dry out, time for repairs to beam damage due to excessive rain, and then the endless days of wait for concrete to pour the foundation in the Fischer area. Building is not for the faint of heart right now! Phew! But this new home has finally poured and clear blue skies are ahead of us.


Kind words from our buyer at Heritage Hill, whom we recently closed...

" I recently found myself in the position of having to find a home in 4 months or less. I work in the field of HVAC service and HVAC new home construction and I had a general idea of the issues in the marketplace right now, I realized after searching for homes just how difficult it would be. I have access to hundreds of new construction homes so I see the positive and negative aspects on a day to day basis between different homes and quality of construction and just the aspect of being comfortable with the builder. When I walked one of RCH's homes I was impressed right off the bat-this is not some cheap spec home. I liked Greg and Karen from the start and knew up front I was rolling the dice on getting a house completed in a short period of time, but I knew this house was what I wanted and they said they would do everything they could to make it happen. And they did! I know this has been a very

stressful journey for them and my family too, but I want to say this on a professional and personal level-Absolute best people I have had the pleasure to work with, Karen's taste is amazing and I trusted her on every aspect and I have a beautiful home. Greg answered every single phone call and text and there were times where I just thought man we can't make this.. but he got it done. His response time with contractors is immediate and he updated me throughout the whole process. All I can say is through rain and material shortages and all other problems Greg and Karen put everything else on hold to help me in the scenario I was in and not many people or companies or builders will do that. Thank you both so much!

Great building systems, building partners and building customers make building simple! Thanks Jody!

If you would like to enjoy a great building experience in the Canyon Lake/Fischer area reach out to us via chat, email or give us a call at 210.693.1565

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