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Pillar One

Pillar Two

Pillar Three


Pillar Four


River Cliff Homes has thoughtfully designed a four pillar building system called "Building On Demand."

Simply put, buyers are in control of the location of their home and the design of their home by utilizing

River Cliff Homes most popular plans and their lot inventory.  

Oh and the best part, you'll never pay for a construction loan when you build on demand!

Pillar One | Financing

Preapproval with their preferred mortgage lender is the first step. River Cliff Homes will require a mortgage preapproval letter from their preferred lender stating how much home you can afford to buy. 

This letter will be provided by the preferred lender to RCH so they can work with you to give you the most home you can afford. 

Pillar Two | Land

This is where the fun begins! Choose from the inventory of lots  RCH currently has available. They are purchasing lots all the time so if you don't see a lot you like let them know and they will find one for you from their many sources available to them. Once the lot is selected they will reserve it for you as they work with you through Pillars 3 & 4.

Pillar Three | Design

Go to "our homes" page on their website and view The Dormie, The Fairway, The Patriot and The Cayden's. This is a collection of ten homes to choose from that you can mix and match exteriors, view interiors and make any modifications you would like to the plans to personalize your home. 

Pillar Four | Build

Once Pillars 1,2,3 are in place RCH will be able to price the home accordingly with any modifications the buyer has made and present the buyer with the final sales price. IF the price is accepted by the buyer then a real estate contract will be generated and presented to the buyer for signatures. A 1% earnest money deposit of the total contract will be expected from the buyer at this time to start construction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use your preferred lender? 

No, but why would you not? Our lender is going to work diligently to give you the best rate possible based on your credit status. Our lender is local and has provided many mortgages for our home buyers. Using our preferred lender keeps the Building On Demand system efficient and timely.

Will you consider using an internet lender?

No. Our ability to streamline the building process to develop the BOD program depends on working within our preferred team members who will answer phone calls and who are easily accessible.

Is my financial information shared with River Cliff Homes?

No. All that is required from our preferred lender is a standard mortgage letter stating the amount of the mortgage you can afford.

What if I don't want to live in Fischer but I want to build one of your homes?

No worries! Our sales team has multiple tools at their disposal to find a lot in a neighborhood you do like. 

Do I have to purchase a lot?

No! That is the beauty of BOD because River Cliff Homes will need to purchase the lot for you and wrap it into the building price of the home. Lots can be purchased for buyers on a case by case basis outside of the BOD program depending on the financial worthiness of the buyer, the neighborhood architectural controls and the comparable values of the homes in the desired neighborhood.  


What modifications are allowed to your plans?

Most of our buyers love the floor plans as they are!  What we have seen is adding an additional bedroom and changing the master shower to a walk in shower by eliminating the bathtub. Most modifications are cosmetic like flooring, tile and paint colors. Changes can be costly and could keep you from being able to purchase your home based on your financial worthiness so it is always best to keep modifications to a minimum. Modifications will be priced out accordingly and will be included in the contract price. Change orders and payment thereof will not be allowed during construction.

Can I make changes during construction?

No, once construction starts we will not accept additional modifications to the plans. Change orders are costly and they delay the course of construction. Our subcontractors and suppliers know our plans well and that is why we can typically build a home in four to five months.  

How do I make color and finish selections?

Our designer will coordinate the selection process with you. The designer will send you a link to their design app created for their buyers to make their color and finish selections online. The designer will also offer suggestions of color coordination so that you have a beautiful and appealing home in the neighborhood of your choice.


What are Architectural Control Guidelines? 

They are building restrictions put in place to govern building square footage, color selections, exterior building materials, landscaping, etc. Summit Estates at Fischer has them as well as most other developments. At the end of the day we do have to abide by their codes and will have to get home location and color approval on the homes we build for our buyers. 

Do I have to pay a building deposit to start?

Yes, you will have to pay a *1% earnest money deposit of the total contract price at signing of sales contract. 

*Deposit could be more than 1% depending on circumstances that are not a part of our BOD program. 

Do I own this home when I sign the sales contract?

No, River Cliff Homes is owner of the home until completion of the home. Prior to completion and closing the buyer will do a final walk through with the builder. The parties

will meet at the title company to sign final closing documents. Once closing documents have been signed by both parties the buyers new mortgage will supplant the builders construction loan. This is called "funding." Once River Cliff Homes has been fully funded, which is typically the same day as the closing, the buyer will become the owner of the new home. At title closing the new buyer will be given the keys to the new home as well as their own closing book with information relevant to their home and purchase thereof. 

How long does it take to build a home?

After signing of sale contract it will take 30 days for the builder financing and HOA approval of plans and colors. After this 30 day process it typically takes 4 months, weather permitting on non modified homes. Modified homes could take 30-60 days longer depending on the modification.

Are your homes landscaped?

No, but we can refer you to our preferred landscaper. 

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